10 Tips For Dating After 25

Before you know it, you're 25.You're used to being by yourself, but a lot of times you feel empty inside.You don't like to socialize and have close relationships with people.Because you've been hurt before, you're afraid to go through the same thing again.You often wander the streets by yourself. You know the city well.You may have had several serious relationships in which you gave your all but didn't get what you deserved.You may even get divorced, out of the misery of marriage, and you want to experience love again, so you're back in the dating game.But inside you are filled with fear, confusion, excitement, and uncertainty.
To be honest, 25-year-old women do worry more before starting a new relationship. You are no longer an ignorant 18-year-old girl who wants to be with someone regardless of the consequences if she likes him. You are not a girl in her early 20s who does not aim to get married and fall in love.You're looking for a real man, someone you can count on, someone you can live your entire life with.
Here are 10 tips on not just wading through the faces of “nope” or “like”, but actually getting to the heart of the matter: someone who deserves you.

Know yourself.

Honey, you have so many good qualities!Many people are used to judging a person by first impressions, which is far from enough.A picture of you means nothing, except that your appearance is completely reflected in the picture.But you are colorful inside, and you have to be clear with yourself. What are your hopes, dreams, fears, and ambitions?If you know yourself, you are less likely to seek out other people's definitions and opinions of you.Let me tell you, self-differentiation is a hard process, and I'm still figuring it out personally, but I believe the rewards are worth it because you're the only one you'll live with forever.

Love yourself.

And you might say, well, this is similar to the first one.But it's different.The first is mainly self-awareness.Now, we're talking about self-acceptance, which, to be honest, I think is a little difficult, at least for me.How can we realize that there is some value in our existence, even though we can always feel that there are many invisible pressures in our current living environment.For example, if you are surrounded by more and more beautiful young women, you may worry that your advantage is not so obvious.Or your income has not reached the ideal situation, work pressure bit by bit to temper your will, destroy your energy, and even make you give up the yearning for a beautiful love.But if we knew how precious we are, we would not waste our time, thoughts and tears on those who are not motivated to pursue unselfish love.We deserve better, we have at least fought for it, and we deserve something in return

Be Real.

Each of us hopes to be perfect in the eyes of others, hope to get others' affirmation in the road of life.Hope oneself is that most outstanding, most outstanding, so, we begin to try our best to disguise oneself, also become not kind to the heart of the real world, with empty and pale words camouflage, with the vision of reality.Just to get a little ethereal praise and praise from others.
Be the real you, even if not perfect, but absolutely say, I live is called their own life, show is unique color.Proud gesture, always belong to different dawn.The world can not find the same two leaves, there is absolutely no the same two people, he is the only, even if not perfect but also others eventually can not learn the only one.I am enough. I am worthy.

Know Your No.

What do you really accept in a potential relationship?If you remember to focus on what you desire, you may not tolerate him not pursuing you, or pressuring you for a more intimate relationship, or seeming not to recognize your depth, beauty, and wholeness.You deserve more than being with someone who doesn't know anything about you, someone who makes your mind twitch, or someone who expects you to put effort and effort into everything.I know friends who have experienced physical, psychological, sexual and rape abuse.Dear brave women, if this is part of your story, please ask for support.Somehow, there are some very twisted people out there who will take advantage of you, hurt you, abandon you, even destroy you -- and I'm just here to whisper, no, scream: You are too important.All the lives you touch, and who you are, are too important to leave one more second.Find someone you trust and leave, please.

Focus on the quality of presence

In a potential relationship, ask yourself questions to filter the man.Can you two have a meaningful conversation?Does this person know or have any interest in your inner desires, in your long-term plans (not just marriage, family or children), but in what makes you come alive?Is he more interested in the media, the phone, television, music, or his own ideas than in making meaningful or in-depth connections with you?

Stick to Jesus.

It's hard.Not because I didn't really love Jesus, but because I was disappointed in the qualities of the men I met in the organized "church."I want someone who has a passion for Jesus, knows God's love for him, and wants others to know the same power and transformation.This is my final choice, someone who truly CARES about others, someone who lives in the power and consciousness of God's presence.At the same time, we know the wait is really bad -- remember, God's love for you is unwavering in this wilderness.Jesus did not leave.Even if you're tired of believing better stories, he won't stop loving you.

Don't jump!

You just met him, he's perfect, marry him tomorrow, start making couple stationery: Perfect Mr. And Mrs, heart-shaped eyes emoji.He is funny, attractive and seems to be interested in you.I'm not saying things can never move fast, I know they can.I'm just saying, keep the long view in mind -- is he really willing to love you and pursue all of you?Can he accept your ungroomed face in private?Does he mind the fat on your legs and stomach?When you are down, does he comfort you and stay with you through the bad times?I don't want to be with someone who I feel has to maintain a fantasy of perfection, because I've never maintained that perfection even if I wanted to, and I don't want to be under pressure to act like someone's ideal woman.I don't want us to get too involved, because I don't want us to mess things up.I want us to be interesting people, not just things that attract attention.You have to pay more attention to what he is like with young children and how he treats his friends and family.Does he remember the little things you like?Is he respected?Do you feel something is wrong and you can't say its name?Pay attention to these things and listen to your intuition.

Cultivate integrity.

It's hard work, and it's much easier to jump right into a relationship and demand that it work, or to do nothing but search, scroll and hover until you feel like you've found someone who gives you security.However, I am learning this lesson the hard way and patience is inevitable.Sometimes waiting is an unbearable pain, not knowing what will happen in the future, waiting for what mystery.Cultivating wholeness seems like removing distractions and engaging in the passion you've been putting off.It may look like a project, or continuing therapy, or spiritual guidance, or guidance, or life guidance.That could mean reading more books and watching less TV.This may mean staying at home, doing the laundry, as an adult, or it may mean exposing yourself to new social situations that will help you a lot.This might mean practicing yoga, or drinking tea, or complimenting yourself more often when you want to "should" yourself (I should do this, do this, think that;I'm a failure..., etc.).Only you know what wholeness is like for you.Brene Brown and her book helped, as did Danielle La Porte's "The Desire Map."

Listen to others and judge yourself.

It is great and wise to have opinions.I got different advice from different friends who Shared the same core beliefs, but had totally different ideas about how I should live or what I should do.I ask these people to be completely honest with me. They care about my blind spots, or places of desperation, or immaturity, or impatience, or stupidity.This is useful because it gives me a warning sign if I'm too cautious or too careless.My wish is never to be reckless with my life, my body, my mind.These people helped me control myself, but these same people loved me unconditionally and accepted me when I said I was confused and didn't know what I was doing.They can come into my life, but in the end, I am responsible for my own decisions.I appreciate your input, but I'm still the only one who has to make tough choices in my life.Give ear, and answer with wisdom and understanding.

Freedom of choice.

Relationships should not always be messy.This is a season when there are no bonds, because you are single and you can choose your life.I urge you to follow truth, beauty, passion, healing, integrity, and a sense of freedom.I don't think that liberty means is not affected by other people, I believe deep inside the most true freedom is to know who you are, believe your story, you and I are not a mistake, a lot of experience, along the way and there is no perfect choice, but you can choose now, today, I hope you choose the things make you feel more energetic, let you want your man is your most authentic self.
It can be a real mess, but it could also turn out more amazing than your imagination! My prayers and thoughts are with you.
 Be bold. Be whole. Be you.