Dating Taboos and Advice

We may be at the right age to talk about marriage and eager to date, or we may be pushed to date by our parents and friends. But anyway, if we're not going to die alone, then we need to build a relationship, which is an intimate relationship. Before establishing an intimate relationship, dating is the process that we can't get around. So is there any rules and precautions for dating? The answer is yes, dating is something that needs attention to avoid taboos.
The main premise of dating is that we must take a positive and relaxed attitude towards the date itself and set no goals for any date. We don't see dating as a way of judging other people or judging us, and we don't see it as a utilitarian prelude to building an intimate relationship. A date is a date.
Dating allows us to meet new people and get to know potential romantic partners. If we don't worry about being judged, but don't figure out how to fit in just because we know someone is rich. That way we can relax, and the relaxed mood will show us who we are, which is the most important purpose of dating.
Maybe the gap period makes us feel good and free, but the thought of dating makes us feel troublesome and uncomfortable. We should also learn to enjoy dating. We will meet new people and go to places we are too lazy to go. If you're lucky, even if the other person isn't suited for intimacy, you'll have a network to build and a friendship to develop.
Girls should be safe on dates. Before dating, women should tell the person they trust when and where they will meet, and discuss the elements that trigger a connection, just in case. The first few dates girls must go to busy and crowded public places, do not go to private homes. Because for girls, safety is the most important thing. If something doesn't feel right during the date, leave early. On a first date, no matter how much we like each other and how much we look forward to marrying each other, we should never give out sensitive information about where we live or work.
Be prepared for the date. Boys should pay attention to personal appearance, girls had better keep their makeup light. If we like to talk a lot, we should discipline ourselves to spend more time talking with each other. If we're not normally sociable, we try to talk more on a date, and if we can't talk much on a date, the results won't be satisfying.
Pay attention to etiquette when you are on a date. No matter which party initiated the date, it is better for the man to arrive some time in advance, wait until the woman is seated, and then ask the woman what to drink, or choose what kind of tea .Be sure to resist our usual quirks on a date, shaking our legs and picking our noses, which can drag down our taste. Pay attention to table manners in whatever you eat. Be sure not to make a noise, talk with your mouth full, and don't make a mess on the dining table. A girl needs to observe how civilized he is in the details of his life. Many of the cracks in intimate relationships are caused by small things in the details of his life. When having a meal, thank the staff for their service. People who take the service of others for granted are not allowed to be intimate with them.
Choose a place with a round table. Don't sit in front of each other. The people who are dating on a spatial level are opponents, and the people who are negotiating are sitting across the table. So it's better to have an Angle on each other, which, in addition to counteracting some of the competitive factors, avoids the embarrassment of looking directly at each other.
Learn to observe the other person's body language. If the person leans forward throughout the date, it shows interest in us. If the other person is sitting stiffly and leaning back, it indicates that the other person is absent-minded, which means he or she doesn't like us very much. If this is the case, we need to stop immediately. Our body language also tells us how much we like each other. Leaning forward shows liking, leaning back shows no interest in continuing.
Make sure you drink coffee on your date. Simply put, drinking coffee causes a faster heart rate and higher emotions, which are normal physiological responses, but if they are caused by liking us, including a faster heart rate, flushed face, and so on, then we are on the winning side. Of course, we also need to know what's going on. It's the effect of caffeine, not real psychological liking. Anyway, it's always a good thing to make an impression on a date.
Don't expose yourself too much on the first date. When we sit down, don't be so unsure if the other person is interested in us. It's about asking yourself, do I like this person? Stop fidgeting and wondering what the other person is thinking. The task of the early dates is to assess how we see each other, not to make assumptions about what the other person thinks of us. An important part of the dating process is self-introduction, but it is important to note that self-introduction is not a confession, there is no need to tell everything about ourselves, that would be immature. Everyone's information is valuable, and mystery is what leads to discovery. We have many secrets in our life. Maybe some should only be known to us and should not be told easily. Of course, some information should be told realistically, including age, occupation, status and so on.
Don't take the initiative immediately after the date to chat with each other endlessly. Because we still need time to observe the other person, it is easy for the other person to judge who is the needy part of the relationship by talking to the other person too actively. Don't have too much physical contact. Physical contact is more likely to spark than mental and emotional connection, but it's not necessarily true love.
After a few dates and a crush, take it slow. It's important to be prepared when we're ready to open up to one person. Intimacy is a two-person affair, and we can't control everything ourselves. Have the positive attitude to accept your feelings and the preparation to get out of the mire of love. Before falling in love, it's important to find out what we want and whether the relationship is going to work out the way we think it will. At least for the time being, no cohabitation, no sex, no money. Don't get carried away and start checking out the price of your wedding dress and asking about your honeymoon itinerary.
Do not too believe the other side of the solemn oath, without any constraint is worthless. Don't let the other person completely dominate the development of the relationship. Make sure you have a comfortable and appropriate pace in the relationship .Never give in to someone who is possessive early in a relationship. Don't hesitate to quit if it doesn't feel right. A person who is strong at the beginning of an intimate relationship is not a good relationship partner.
Don't take the date too seriously. We meet all kinds of people and all kinds of things on a date, but it's not the end of the world if we go on a few dates and don't meet the right person or they turn us down. We are well is sunny. It could be that we haven't met someone we like, that our goals aren't right, that we're not ready for intimacy, and it doesn't matter, because we can reset ourselves.
In dating, learn to accept rejection as well as say no. Each of us has our type of personality, and if this person is not our type, then we are less likely to continue dating, and vice versa. It's not that we or that person have done something wrong, it's just fate. Don't force yourself to hang out with people we don't feel for, no matter how great they are. Remember, developing intimate relationships is about finding the right person, not the right person.
At the heart of dating is finding a partner in an intimate relationship, which requires patience and a little time for good luck. The process of dating is also a process of growing up and experiencing the process of interacting with people. We will bless everyone who meets us with a smile, because from each other we see our likes and dislikes.
For men, the first date is very important and they expect it to be settled .If you give him a loss of confidence on the first date, he's more likely to try his luck with another woman. Because men believe that if the first date goes well, then the relationship is likely to grow. On the other hand, if a woman doesn't impress on the first date, then she disappears and is never seen again. Men tend to be attentive on a first date because they habitually assume there is no second chance. When the date ends, without a definite answer, the man has no clue as to whether the woman is satisfied to leave or whether he has a chance. The next date is often an opportunity to keep chasing her. The man always defaults to the next time as an excuse. Once the woman leaves, it's over. Men always put their hopes in the first brief contact, everything will be settled. Men see women as a window into a whole new world, from which they can enjoy the joys and newness of a Brave New World.
Men rarely think about the foundations they need for a healthy relationship. A man thinks that once a woman has expressed her desire to be with him, the relationship is set and secure. Therefore, men are always eager to win the favor of a woman, after success, in a very homely way to treat women, women often feel cheated. It's like a joke: My wife asks, why did you always send me flowers when you chased me, but now you don't? The husband replied, have you ever seen a fisherman feed his fish bait after he catches it?
A woman values a first date, too, but she doesn't see it as a bonding moment. Instead, she goes through the process of figuring out what she would have to give for the two of them to get along. The woman, through her intuition, through the surface of two people temporarily happy together, to guess what would be the situation with this man if the day and night together. Her intuition helped her to predict the prospect of a relationship that was more important to women than men's current attentions.
If the first date was great, the man will assume that she will be happy to live with him for the rest of her life. Women wonder how much of a man's current passion will remain after the relationship is established.
In general, when men date women, men assume more and women judge more. Men see the present as a prelude to the future. Women use their intuition to gather tiny bits of information to predict their future with him. The woman's way allows her to be more calm in a date and can see a lot of problems. When men see a date as a harbinger of the future and feel good about it, women collect more of it.
When a woman attracts a man and falls in love with him and shows him her emotionally rich inner world, her love can awaken a sensitive part of a man's life, and only a woman can do this. No one knows how far a woman can go for a man she loves. When a man is attracted to a woman's emotional world and keeps getting to know her, he learns to be as emotionally engaged as a woman. Not only do women get more pleasure from it, but men also mature and learn to express love in ways that women approve of.
All the things in a woman's soul also exist in a man, but in different proportions. More understanding of each other's psychology and expression, it will be closer to happiness.
A woman's emotional world is rich, because it is her nature, if you can better show your meticulous care in the dating, then the love will be more lasting and brilliant.