Dating Tips For A Sugar Baby

Have you ever facing an issues that you spend much time dressing up yourself and tried to have a perfect date with your sugar daddies the first time, but you will never get a phone call after that.  There are some unwritten rules that sugar babies must follow at all times to be successful as following:

1. Always be patient

As a sugar baby, patience is a very important virtue that you need to have in order for you to be successful as far as sugar dating is concerned. First and foremost, you need to fully understand that you aren’t his first priority. So, when he cancels plans or doesn’t call you back, it is for you to understand that he is busy elsewhere without him telling you. The same applies when he promises to get you something but seems to be delaying it.

2.Outline a specific, mutually beneficial agreement.

If the sugar baby and the Sugar Daddy feel comfortable for each other and their needs are the same, the next step is to cement the exact terms of the relationship.The more specific the agreement is, the easier it will be for both sides to know exactly what their obligations are.Consider the following:
· When and how many hours do you meet each day?
· Where should we meet (hotel, Sugar baby, sugar Daddy's home)?
· What does a typical date include (movie, lunch, travel, long walk, cocktail party, movie)?
· Do you hang out alone or do you appear in public together?
· When will you receive the payment/gift/etc?
· How long do you expect your relationship to last?
· What are some of your special requirements for each other?
· Under what circumstances, if the other party violates the terms can unilaterally end the relationship?

3.Stick to the agreement.

It is not recommended that you cancel sugar daddy, be late, or change the terms of existing arrangements.The purpose of establishing specific agreements is to avoid unnecessary events happening. At the same time, rich older men tend to be very busy, so sugar babies should be prepared to adjust your schedule flexibly.A sugar daddy should be rich enough to give his sugar baby an allowance, a gift or anything agreed upon in a timely manner anyway.If Sugar Daddy doesn't pay or give a gift on time, Sugar Baby should be careful.
In most cases, sugar Babies need to understand that this is an arrangement with no strings attached.After sex, a vacation or a date, your sugar daddy will most likely leave you for his family.To be a successful sugar baby, you need to know and stick to a few rules, and the most important piece of advice is to know where you stand.

4. Ask when in doubt

If you are unsure about your arrangement with a sugar daddy, as a sugar daddy, you have the right to claim.If he wants to have sex, don't be afraid to ask him what's in it for you.But you should ask the question in such a gentle way that it's impossible for him to say no to you, even if he wants to.Your "sugar daddy" probably understands the rules well, because you're probably not the first person he's ever dated.If you don't know what his fetish is, you can do the same.By asking, you'll show that you're interested in making him happy, and your sugar daddy will reciprocate.Getting him to open up is one of the most important rules you shouldn't ignore because it can prolong your financial arrangements.

5. Always look good

After a period of regular dating, you may start to feel comfortable, and you may not put more effort into your clothes and/or behavior.But if you want your relationship to last, sweetie Pie will never give up.Always be your prettiest, happiest self, because your goal is to be a first-rate sweetheart.
Take time to go to the gym and refresh your wardrobe.Keep this in the old man's heart and let him always look forward to seeing you.As a sweetheart, you have to satisfy his sexual fantasies, which means you need to invest in your appearance if you want to succeed in this kind of relationship.You can find the best hairstyle for you from popular magazines.Even better, you can ask your fashionable friends for advice.The money he gives you can be used to buy new clothes and designer perfume.If your well-wisher is very generous, he will give you enough money to go to a nice gym.

6. Be discreet

In your relationship with Sugar Daddy,it is well-known that: discretion is the key to dating older, richer, and more powerful men.Their personal lives are very private, and you have to be careful that sugar Daddy doesn't want you to post his picture on your social media, news, updates, or discuss your relationship, which would cause them unnecessary trouble. The smart Sugar Baby,wouldn't make such a mistake, even if you have a strong ego at times, but you have to be careful.

7. Lower your expectations

As a sugar daddy, you should know that your relationship with your sugar daddy is just a fleeting one that could end at any moment.Therefore, you'd better prepare yourself to be a successful "sweetheart" in advance.In fact, if you knew where you were and wanted nothing but sex and occasional sex, it would be a lot easier.It is highly recommended that you do not pressure him, as this will cause him to leave you quickly.So if he chooses to give you an expensive gift, accept it.If there is no gift, it is enough to get what you deserve on the terms and conditions set beforehand.You may fall in love, but it's best to remember that your relationship is primarily about meeting each other's immediate needs.You should keep an open mind and not be too persistent.To control your emotions, you can keep a journal so you can watch the relationship develop from your perspective.Ask yourself: How do I feel about his relationship with us?Did I get everything I needed?What should I do if he dumps me?

8. Never get attached

One of the most important rules of Sugar Baby is never to fall in love with Sugar Daddy.Your sugar daddy is with you out of pure fantasy. So, when you start to feel attached, it's best to take a moment to calm down and reassess your role in the relationship.You should always know why you're with him and try to stick to it.If you become emotionally attached to Sugar Daddy, you may want more from Sugar Daddy, which may probably get yourself hurt. It is noted that you are always a second priority, and you will always be a second priority unless your sugar daddy decides otherwise. So before you try sugar dating, it's wise to learn how to control your emotions effectively.

9. Must be cautious about your safety

The clever sugar babies always put safety first. First of all, you need to know that you're not the only one with a sugar daddy. A smart and successful sugar baby should be concerned about safe sex. As long as you're smart, getting an STD or an unwanted pregnancy shouldn't be part of sugar dating. The way to protect your health and happiness is the same as the way to protect your emotions. How do you protect your emotions?You’d better not to fall in love with him unless you are certain that you will be with him in the future, which in most cases is highly unlikely.

10. Be individual

As a smart sugar baby, you should know that it's important to rely on yourself from time to time. For example, if you're going to meet your sugar daddy, you can find your way home.If your sugar daddy is having a temporary financial problem, you should also have a backup plan to pay your bills or fill up your car.If you are individual enough, your sugar daddy will even respect you because you are not the kind of woman who depends on others.Even a little insight will get him to stay with you a little longer, which is always good for you.

11. Appreciate your sugar daddy

You need to appreciate your "sugar daddy" for his efforts.He has a lot of financial responsibilities, but he'll still pay your rent, pump your gas and dress you like a princess.That being said, if you want this arrangement to continue, it's your responsibility as a responsible, smart sugar baby to show your appreciation.This is just one of many unwritten rules of the game that you need to know how to thrive in.

12.  Always have a Plan-B.

A "sugar dating" can put an end at any moment, so a sugar baby shouldn't have all of its hopes pinned on a sugar daddy.You should avoid relying 100 percent on anyone, and you should have a backup plan.So, even if you're in a relationship with a sugar daddy, you should have a full-time job or an additional source of income, and save a portion of your income. Only in this wan can you have a good plan about your money, because you will never know what will happen next. It will always be good if you have additional money in your hand.

13. Maximize the relationship.

The benefits of dating a sugar daddy go far beyond what you might initially think.As you get to know him better, find ways to use his expertise, influence, and industry connections to help you reach your goals and succeed.Think of your sugar daddy as a mentor, a counselor who advises you on important issues.

14. Satisfy your sugar daddy

If you want your sugar daddy to stay, then, as a loyal sugar baby, you need to fully understand the importance of focusing on pleasing him.As mentioned above, you need to give him the opportunity to open up.If he likes the missionary position, take you from behind, or if he gets into role-playing and infatuation, maybe he's afraid to ask his wife to try it, and you should give him exactly what he wants.If you do, he's sure to keep you a little longer.

15. Ignore the naysayers

There will always be some people in the society who are disgusted with "sugar dating" and will talk about you behind your back. But as a Sugar baby, you need to ignore that. Because you know what you want, go for it, and it's not your fault. This is your life, how you live it is your business, not anyone else's. If you care about them, it will only bring you down. So do yourself a favor, baby, and never mind them!

16.  Never settles for less

As a smart "sugar baby", you know you won't work in the industry forever because people will get older and be replaced by younger, more attractive girls.It's a painful truth that every smart girl knows.So, if you're going to do it, do it as best you can.Don't find a man who has trouble offering you an apartment or a monthly allowance.Always conduct your research, so that when you get down to it, you can make the most of it.Just don't forget to save some extra money for a rainy day.

17. Goes with the flow

A clever sugar baby plans her schedule around her sugar daddy., meaning that she will always be available when he wants to meet. If you do that as a sugar baby, then you are bound to be successful in your quest and make a lot of money while at it!


The tips mentioned above on how sugar babies can successfully stay in shape are just a few of them.Make sure you're looking for more stuff, so you'll get better at it over time.But as mentioned above, you should always protect yourself from letting your emotions get in the way.Having said that, if you're the type of girl who falls in love easily, then this is not something you want to try.So think carefully before you do this and ask your friends for advice if necessary.Now, get the money, girl!!